Swizz Beatz Confirms DMX Posthumous “Exodus” Album Drops May 28

DMX posthumous album is coming May 28. Hip-Hop fans were heartened to learn that before his unfortunate death on April 9, DMX had been putting the final touches on his highly anticipated eighth studio album. While many remained unsure about the status of the album, X’s team, along with Swizz Beatz, have confirmed that the […]

DMX’s 8-year-old Daughter To Be Featured On “Exodus” Album

Fans around the world are still coming to terms with the fact that DMX is no longer with us. Many remember the icon’s life as a source of inspiration that has permeated generations of artists. One of the highlights of his “Celebration of Life” in April was when his daughter took the mic and delivered […]

DMX Goddaughter & Power Star Page Hurd Tribute Late Rapper

As the grief from DMX’s passing continues, actress Paige Hurd has broken her silence on her godfather’s untimely death. As a child actor Paige Hurd starred in Cradle 2 the Grave alongside Dark Man X in 2003. They grew so close that the actress chose the rap star to be her adopted godfather. Since he […]

50 Cent Slams Irv Gotti For Saying DMX Overdose on Crack Cocaine & Fentanyl

50 Cent is calling Irv Gotti an idiot for saying DMX died from crack cocaine and fentanyl overdose. Irv Gotti has recently found himself on the wrong side of fans after an outlandishly made claim that DMX died from a ‘bad dose’ of crack mixed with fentanyl. The record executive has apparently disturbed famous foe […]

Kanye West Helped Raised $1 Million For DMX Children

Kanye West has raised $1 million in t-shirt sales for the family of DMX. The news comes a day after the late rapper was laid to rest. According to reports, Yeezy collaborated with Balenciaga to design a t-shirt in memory of ‘X,’ and the proceeds of the sale is being donated to the late rapper’s […]

Rick Ross Says DMX’s Death Should Motivate Other Rappers

Rick Ross opened up about DMX and why his death should motivate other rappers. There’s no doubt that the loss of DMX has left a gaping hole of wisdom in the Hip Hop community. Several fans and rappers have come out in praise of the troubled rapper’s advice and candid moments while he shared his […]

New York State Honors DMX With “Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons” Day On December 18th

DMX gets his own day in New York. The former Ruff Ryders rapper will be remembered by many worldwide as a Hip Hop legend. Even as the rapper was laid to rest on Saturday, April 24, many fans found it hard to believe that DMX was no longer alive. Still, the memory of the rapper […]

Jadakiss Honors Late DMX With Food Drive In Yonkers

Jadakiss is celebrating the life of his deceased friend DMX with an act of charity in his hometown of Yonker, New York. On Thursday, the rapper visited several neighborhoods in the area as he shared out boxes of foodstuff, fresh produce, fruits, and other supplies to families. Jadakiss posted on his Instagram feed that he […]

Irv Gotti Says DMX Contracted Covid Before His Death & Reveals The Drug He OD’d On

Irv Gotti says DMX died from bad crack and had COVID-19. The hip-hop community is mourning the loss of icon DMX, who died after a week-long battle in the hospital following a heart attack. According to new reports, the episode was spurred on by a drug overdose on bad crack. Irv Gotti, who signed DMX […]

The Lox – Stupid Questions (Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Album)

[Interviewer 1] Uh.. Uh.. Ex.. Uh.. Ex.. Excuse me, guys! The Lox! Lox! Lox! Excuse me! Alright.. Excuse me! Excuse me, Sheek! Stylez! Stylez! Jada! [Sheek] Oh my god, What!? [Stylez P] Yo! [Jadakiss] Yeah, what’s up? [Interviewer 1] What about Benzino? Are you guys safe in Boston? I heard he has a lot of […]